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A young man was rushing for the final semester exam in the oldest engineering college of his bike got punctured few years back. As there was no public transport available immediately, that young man took a lift from a fisherman on his bicycle and reached the exam half an hour late. This problem hunted the young engineer for the next many; he started searching for a solution for himself. 


What will happen if the tyre of a speeding tyre bursts or blows out, just not puncture? The obvious answer is an accident along with casualties as the vehicle goes out of control, with the driver hardly getting a chance to react.


There have been technologies for limiting the impacts of punctures, but there hasn’t been a solution to decrease the chances of a tyre bursting due to overheating. However, our latest innovation can not only reduce the possibilities of burst but has also taken care of punctures, dynamic wheel balancing, increasing fuel ,and life.


The burst prevention and puncture curative technology (BPPC) technology invention by the TycheeJuno Speciality Tyres limited, headed by an Indian innovator, Sameer Panda, has won Create the Future Design Contest 2015 Nasa Tech Brief in New York on November 6. NASA Tech Brief is a joint effort of Nasa and Society of Automobile Engineers International.

Thousands of young scientists from 60 countries participated in the international competition. Eight teams received the awards, and 32 inventions found a place in NASA’s official publication in the special issue of November.


“It has clocked more than 40,000 hours in last more than a decade in inventing the technology that can be manufactured in existing manufacturing set up and can also be retrofitted in any tubeless, self-supported or auxiliary supported tyre,” TycheeJuno team leader Sameer Panda, who is doing his Ph.D. from VSS University of Technology in Sambalpur, said.

The innovation becomes all the more critical in India, where 3,371 people were killed and 9,081 injuries in 2014. Globally, 1.25 million injuries and casualties are estimated to occur due to tyre bursts.

Once the prototype was made and tested, the next obvious step was to make few more products and to get them checked in friends’ motorcycles like Bajaj Pulsar, Bullet (RE - Royal Enfield), Honda Shine,etc.. In this limited edition testing among engineers working in automobiles, the colleague said,  are you not making tyres for Honda Activa? Why are you only thinking about adventurous trips to the Leh Ladakh, Galwan Valley!! 


The question was why Honda Activa, ,  TVS Jupiter or Suzuki Access needs puncture-proof, burst-proof tyres; when no one takes scooters for a long drive! Then the colleague said “Buddy, see if my wife’s scooter gets punctured, even if I am in a meeting with the VP of the company or my performance appraisal is going on, my phone will not stop ringing.” This is convincing. This is the voice. 


At the same time Nidhi Prayas of DST Govt of India selected for making prototypes for scooters and the journey of women empowerment through Anti-Burst, Anti-Puncture tyre started.     

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