Technology (Technology Platform)

The Problem

Majority of logistic players are small size parties with 100-200 Vehicles but contribute to 75%-80% of large container size business. These vehicles' fuel filing is quite random in order in different petrol pumps & hardly managed. Additionally, managing transactions, card printing, managing records etc are inconvenient with a limited bandwidth. As these vehicles are fueling up with random filling stations, they are unable to tap loyalty programs of some filling station brands. They are missing out from discounts, loyalty bonus, credit period etc. This segment is an untapped market. Also, due to lower no. of footfalls at a particular brand outlet, they are devoid of such programs.


Our Solution

Cashless & touchless transactions for all money transfers from fleet owners to our platform which is redirected to petrol pump owners and daily report sharing with all stakeholders including petrol pump companies. Transferring loyalty bonus directly to the fleet owners seamlessly from petroleum players.. Transferring platform fees by Petrol Pump owners to TJ Tyres for using our platform and for our marketing efforts to ensure loyal customers for them, then maintaining relationships with the fleet owners, apart from giving other services to the drivers & helpers like accidental insurance etc..


Petroleum companies:
  • Tapping untapped small fleet owner's market
  • Safety from COVID 19 for its ground staff and customers
  • Monitoring of the system on day to day basis
  • Ensuring larger market share and more revenue per petrol pump
  • Easily scalable platform
  • No upfront cost or risks for HPCL

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    Petrol Pump owner:
  • Increase in revenue
  • Loyal customers
  • Predictability in demand and supply
  • Control of leakage or unethical practices by staff
  • Easy day to day monitoring
  • Safety from COVID 19

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    Fleet Owners:
  • More savings.
  • Fuel Quality will be ensured.
  • No need of cash handling or numerous card handling.
  • Limiting revenue leakage & unethical practice by drivers & helpers.
  • Easy day to day monitoring
  • Safety from COVID 19

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    Drivers & Helpers:
  • Free accidental insurance
  • Emergency help can be provided as the details are available
  • Safety from COVID-19


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