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In the past few decades, our world has seen an increase in on-road incidents, many of them causing life-altering injuries or even a catastrophic demise of the riders. TJ Tyres' indigenously researched, developed and designed tyres are one of the leaders in the anti-puncture and anti-burst tyre markets in India. Currently, the Indian tyre markets are saturated with sub-par or poorly made tyres created by many of the leading tyre manufacturers in India.

TJ Tyres is one of the most trusted and reliable tyre manufacturers in India, even appreciated and awarded by world leaders in technology, governance and education- such as NASA, KIIT, Infosys, the Government of India and more. With the vision to enable safe mobility, high tyre performance and extended tyre lifespan TJ Tyres is one of the best tyre manufacturers in India,

India is home to one of the largest youth population in the world which directly translates to their growing need to travel using 2-wheelers. It raises the need to have the best measures to ensure road safety, which includes having the best choices in the tyre markets that the youth of India can access.

While other tyre manufacturers in India compromise of tyre quality to chase business profitability, it is one of the greatest ethical failure on their part. TJ Tyres with it's years of research, development, material technologies and design has developed the perfect solution to ensure the on-road safety of riders in India. With recent high-profile deaths due to tyre-related incidents, India has awoken to the importance of road safety.

tyre market

Using TJ Tyres has many great benefits for your daily commute:

  • Tyre Life: Made from the best composite materials and reinforced by its features of anti-puncture and anti-burst, TJ Tyres is one of the best tyre manufacturers in India. TJ Tyres is set to create the perfect ecosystem where each tyre lasts you much long leading you to visit the tyre markets less.

  • Savings: Since each tyre lasts you much longer, you spend less on replacing it periodically. You save a lot of money over time, which makes TJ Tyres one of the best you can find in the current India tyre markets.

  • Mileage: TJ Tyres focuses heavily on research, development and design of each of its tyres. Made from a composite material built to perform and to provide the safest driving experience, it creates the space for your 2-wheeler to utilize the extra mileage it receives due to tyre efficiency.

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