Our BPPC - Burst Preventive Puncture Tyres are generations ahead offering normal tubeless tyres at similar tyre prices, ensuring road safety for all. Run Flat Tyres (RFT) is not available for many segments of vehicles; our technology can be adopted in all kinds of motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks and buses. We offer an RFT at the price of tubeless tyre.


To create an ecosystem on mobility & logistics with a focus on innovation, safety, efficiency & decreased carbon footprint.


To make every ride safer with innovations and technology.

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Our Action

TycheeJuno has successfully launched a proprietary; awarded by NASA and DST Govt of India backed BPPC (Burst Preventive Puncture Curative) range of products for meeting customer's expectations and has gone for Patent protection in the major target markets & is continuously doing R&D for new breakthrough innovations.

One of the key features of this proprietary technology is to eliminate the need for RoHS, particularly Lead (a cancer-causing element) required for wheel balancing. This technology also provides enhanced safety to its riders, travellers, and pedestrians by eliminating tyre bursts and puncture while the vehicle is in motion.

TJ Tyres is committed to inventing more and more eco-friendly technologies focusing on safety, convenience, and low carbon footprint to make the world greener and a better living place. The whole team is committed to giving hassle-free drive and tension-free life to the world with cool products.

The technology platform of TJ Tyres will save regular spending in buying and maintaining tyre for logistics players and fleet owners with our innovative TAAS model. This platform shall decrease the pain & ownership cost of the fleet by saving on fuel and insurance, apart from tyres. As it envisages touchless transactions, it will increase safety from Corona Virus and maintain social distancing. We're also working on AI & Blockchain in our Tech platform to make it super-efficient & reliable.

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