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Every business needs wheels to move on, safety to rely on and performance to count on- whether you have an import-export business, manufacturing business, or even a food delivery business, bad TaaS will always harm your business and profits.

What is TaaS?

TaaS or Tyre as a Service forms an inalienable part of our economy because the economy not only earns from finished products and raw materials but also from the tyres that transport various goods across India and the rest of the world. It enables businesses of all sizes, types, and kinds to avoid time wastage, and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs for business.

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Why Choose TJ Tyres?

In today's world full of evolving technologies and unthinkable risks, it is wise to be a TaaS dealer & distributor for sustained profitability and a solid brand image for your business. TJ Tyres' first-of-its-kind tyres are awarded by NASA, Infosys, and the Government of India along with the Department of Science and Technology and more. By filling out the form below, you will take the first step to be one of the many prestigious dealers & distributors of the world's first BPPC tyre. Take the first step to grow your business with us.


Our products are available for 2 wheelers tyres. In future we envisage to bring our technology in other segments also.


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