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Our BPPC - Burst Preventive Puncture Tyres are generations ahead offering normal tubeless tyres at similar tyre prices, ensuring road safety for all. Run Flat Tyres (RFT) is not available for many segments of vehicles; our technology can be adopted in all kinds of motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks and buses. We offer an RFT at the price of tubeless tyre.

We are often touted as world’s truly first burst-proof & puncture-proof tyres for 2-wheelers by world leaders such as NASA, Government of India, KIIT, Infosys, Airbus and more. Our vision is to create an ecosystem on safe mobility, accident-free & efficient driving experience and decreased carbon footprint. TJ Tyres is committed to making driving a safer everyday experience- which makes us India’s BPPC Tyres for 2-wheelers.

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India is one of the largest markets for 2-wheelers in the world with people as young as 16 years old being licensed to drive scooties on Indian roads. TJ Tyres, without doubt the best tyre manufacturer in India offers a plethora of benefits for drivers of 2-wheelers such as bikes, scooters and scooties and companies across India benefitting from a growing 2-wheeler market. Since 2000, India has seen a staggering growth in the 2-wheeler automobile which has put an intense strain on India’s existing traffic problems- and this is where TJ Tyres stepped into solve the problem of unreliable tyres being prone to bursts & punctures which can lead to dangerous accidents, injuries & even death. With TJ Tyres and its unique tyre technology, the landscape of road safety & tyre reliability is set to change for the better, which makes TJ Tyres the best tyre manufacturer in India.

TJ Tyres has encharmed the world by bringing the first BPPC tyre manufacturer mean while also reaching the position of the very best tyre manufacturer in India. TJ Tyres has a vision to make robust on-road safety for 2-wheeler drivers from tyre-related accidents such as bursts & punctures. With TJ Tyre’s unique innovation creating the three-chamber technology with coolants, sealants and balancers erasing the risk of dangerous road accidents due to tyre-related events. Tyre’s internal coolants, sealants and balancers inside the tyre chambers significantly removes any risks of bursts & punctures via auto-healing properties of the tyre that an 2-wheeler driver always wants while driving on abadroad- to makethe driver safer without risking anyair loss when tyre is suddenly punctured.

TJ Tyres is undoubtedly the number 1 tyre manufacturer in India, with incredible pioneers leading in BPPC (Burst Proof-Puncture Curative) i.e. anti-burst and anti-puncture tyre technology in India &the world. TJ Tyres has impressed world-renowned & world leadersof technology, education and governance such as NASA, Government of India, Infosys, Airbus, KIIT, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more. With TJ Tyre’s innovation-centric approach, TJ Tyres is the number 1 tyre manufacturer in India.

With other tyre manufacturers, you can never be too sure of the tyre’s safety on-road as there’s always achance of an injury-causing or even deadly accident caused by an unexpected tyre-burst or puncture due to the poor quality of other tyres manufacturers. However,TJ Tyres3 layers of on-road safety-balancers, coolants and sealants will self-close any punctures immediately & automatically while driving. What makes TJ Tyres the number1 tyre manufacturer in India? Using TJ Tyres has many great benefits for your savings, safety & the Earth:

  • Longer Tyre Life:  TJ Tyres protects its structural integrity for a very long duration of timeviaits self-healing properties. But when we compare it to other e-rickshaw tyre manufacturers in India, they are simply no match for TJ Tyres, the best tyre manufacturer in India.
  • Monetary savings:    Save a lot of money over a period of time as longer tyre lifespans and less replacements allow you to enjoy a great driving experience without ‘bursting’ or ‘puncturing’ a big hole in your pocket.
  • Extra Mileage:   Known as the number 1 tyre manufacturer as well as the best BPPC tyre manufacturer and innovator in India, TJ Tyres boosts its tyres with extended mileage and tinkers with it further for a smooth drive on every tyre due to less tyre damage due to punctures, bursts and tears.

TJ Tyres is undoubtedly the best tyre manufacturer in India due to hefty savings made due to less tyre replacements or discarding as well as provide extra tyre lifespans & better mileages for each of their tyres. TJ Tyres is recognized and praised by the world's technology, education & governance leaders such as NASA, Infosys, Government of India, Airbus, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more.

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