TJ Tyres has been a bane to a significant portion of logistics & shipping industry. These companies, usually small-size organisations with fleets up to 200 vehicles constitute about 80% of large container businesses.

During transit, these large vehicles need to be refuelled, maintained & serviced- however, repair stations & petrol pumps falling within the route are most often highly mismanaged & are varying in internal management systems. It causes a debilitating amount of inconvenience with a limited bandwidth & capacity for immediate corrections. In addition to that, these fleets & their owners are not able to avail discounts, loyalty bonuses, credit periods & free service offerings.

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Additionally, this untapped market segment faces a lower footfall- pushing this market segment to lack any beneficial programs.
To counter this problem, Tychee Juno (TJ) Tyres has initiated & kick-started cashless &touchless transaction modules focussing on money transfers from fleet owners, redirecting cash flow to petrol pump owners & daily report sharing with stakeholders & special interest groups such as large petroleum corporations. It enables large as well as small business owners to ensure growing customer loyalty while maintaining cordial brand relationships with fleet owners alongside giving insurance & services to drivers.
It enables larger market share for large petroleum companies alongside increasing revenue per owned petrol pump. Furthermore, there's no upfront cost or risks for HPCL.
Smaller businesses such as fleet & petrol pump owners enjoy greater customer loyalty, predictable demand and supply as well as easy daily monitoring of unethical practices by staff & boosted revenue. It enables more savings, improved fuel quality, complete cashless transactions & safety from COVID-19.
Tychee Juno is a force to be reckoned with in terms of cutting-edge tyre technology, pioneering BPPC tyres- boosting on-road safety as well as enabling robust B2B business modules involving logistics industry by offering top-of-the-line financial as well as incentive programs for business both big & small.

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