Have you heard about the new tyres in market that are awarded by NASA for their generations ahead Burst Preventive Puncture Curative tyres for your bikes and scooty? TycheeJunoTyres (TJ Tyres) immaculate team of hard working professionals have invented this technology which was recognized by NASA. It is available at similar tyre prices offering normal tubeless tyres. They also offer an RFT at the price of tubeless tyre. Its technology can be adopted in all kinds of motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks and buses.

Tj tyres is committed to inventing eco-friendly technologies focusing on safety, convenience, and low carbon footprint to make the world greener and a better place for living. One of the key features of this proprietary technology is to eliminate the need for RoHS, particularly Lead (a cancer-causing element) required for wheel balancing. This technology also provides enhanced safety to its riders, travellers, and pedestrians by eliminating tyre bursts and puncture while the vehicle is in motion.

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Puncture &tyre burst: females & senior citizens are the most affected people when it comes to changing tyres.
410 deaths per day in road accidents – 10-15% due to tyre failure (35-40% in highways) in 2015.
Less durability of tyres:frequent changes of tyres.

Solving problems
The Anti-Puncture attribute eases the pains of females, senior citizens & delivery people who suffer the most when tyre gets punctured.
No puncture repair cost Super grip & good tread depth property reduces the risk of tyre failures.
The tyres are especially designed for Indian Roads.
With less wear & tear the tyre life is extended.
Next Gen EV need next gen BPPC tyre.
TJ Tyres understand the problems the female audience faces and to end the dependency on the male parts in your life, its anti-burst and anti-puncture tyre is your best friend. Now going out to parties and shopping can be done hassle free and tension free. But they don’t only think about their female audiences, it’s a tyre that can be used by anybody, so that boys and girls both can fun.
TJ Tyres vision is to create an ecosystem on mobility & logistics with a focus on innovation, safety, efficiency & decreased carbon footprint. Visit your nearby tyre shop and ask for TJ Tyres tubeless tyre for bike.

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