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India is a very unique country when it comes to automotive industries as well innovations in solving problems faced by the general population.TJ Tyres,without doubt the best anti-burst tyre manufacturer in India with vehicle range extending to all 2-wheelers from scooty to bike to scooter & even e-rickshaws. Nowadays, we see an increased influx of on-road traffic with high percentages of youngsters between age of 16-25 like teenagers & young adults driving every day for a wide variety of necessary purposes such aseducation, tuition & occupationas well as other recreational or social reasons such as spending time and going on long drives with friends, classmates or colleagues- the increased influx of 2-wheeler traffic gives rise to many risks such as higher chance of tyre bursts due to the increased traffic as well as the rising ground temperature in India.

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TJ Tyres is often known as world’s very first BPPC tyre manufacturer while also being the very best anti-burst tyre company in India aims to make every Indian driving a 2-wheeler safe from tyre-related mishaps. With TJ Tyre’s one-of-a-kind three-chamber innovation with coolants, sealants and balancers making therisk of on-road incidents due to tyre-related events near-negligible. The coolants, sealants and balancers inside the tyre chambers significantly reduces the risks of bursts & punctures by auto-healing punctures due to unique the properties of this innovative tyre- making your driving experience safer without air loss when tyre walls are faced with sudden punctures.

incredible pioneer & leader in BPPC (Burst Proof-Puncture Curative) i.e. anti-burst and anti-puncture tyre technology in India & the world. TJ Tyreswowed the world-renowned & world leaders in technology, education and governance such as NASA, Government of India, Infosys, Airbus, KIIT, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more- making TJ Tyresthe number 1 tyre company in India.

With any other 2-wheeler anti-burst tyre company in India, there’s always a chance of an injury-causing or even deadly accident caused by an unexpected tyre-burst. But with TJ Tyres internal 3 chambers of balancers, coolants and sealants will self-seal any punctures automatically that anyone may faceduring a drive while they enjoy a smoother, safer & more economical way drive their 2-wheelers. What makes TJ Tyres the number 1 anti-burst tyre company in India? Using TJ Tyres has many great benefits for your money, life & the Earth:

  • Longer Tyre Life:   TJ Tyres protects its structural integrity for a very long duration of time through self-sealing when compared to other tyre manufacturers in India, thereby extending the tyre lifespan by a significant amount.
  • Monetary savings:   Save a significant amount of money over a period of time because of longer tyre lifespans and less replacements so you enjoy a great driving experience without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Extra Mileage:   Lauded as the number 1anti-burst tyre company as well as the best BPPC tyre manufacturer and innovator in India, TJ Tyres empowers its tyres with extended mileage and a smooth drive on every tyre because of less tyre damage due to punctures, bursts and tears.

TJ Tyres is undoubtedly the best anti-burst tyre company in India due to greatmoney savings over a period of time and providelonger tyre lifespans & extended mileages for their tyres. TJ Tyres is recognized and praised by the world's technology, education & governance leaders such as NASA, Infosys, Government of India, Airbus, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more.

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