Best Tyres Company in India

TJ Tyres is known as the best tyres company in India for a reason. They have invented a tyre technology that is known worldwide. It is acknowledged by some of the world’s renowned leaders in sectors like education, technology, etc. Their technology is recognised by NASA, Bloomberg, Department of Science, Government of India, Infosys, KIITfor inventing such revolutionary tyres.

The tubeless tyre consists of a multi-chamber which holds the magical mixture made of three ingredients- sealant, coolant and balancer. The mixture is the tyres best friend. It helps the tyre in giving high performance and having a superior grip over the road.

Best Tyres Company in India

TJ Tyres tyre is called the BPPC (burst proof-puncture curative) tyre. The anti-puncture and anti-burst tyre is designed specially for the Indian Roads. These tyres come with a lot of benefits.

  • • Superior grip: The BPPC tyre has a superior grip on the road, leading to high-performance and also prevents from slipping in rains or wet mud.

  • • Safety with added comfort: The anti-puncture and anti-burst tyre provides safety from punctures and bursting, and also adds to the uninterrupted journey filled with comfort.

  • • Eco-friendly: The anti-burst &anti-puncture tyredecreases the replacement of the normal tyre by 20-25%, which plays a pivotal role in reducing the carbon footprints. Hence, creating a better place for a better tomorrow.

  • • Extra air-retention: The air retention of the BPPC tyre is 3 times more than the normal tyre. The multi-chamber tyre has higher air retention.

  • • Extra tyre life: The tyre is designed to extend its life 10-15% more than the normal tyre. Less wear and tear of the tyre is another factor that results in extending the tyre life.

  • • Anti-puncture: Sealant in the tyre chamber auto-seals and auto-heals the punctures, resulting in hassle-free drive.

  • • Anti-burst: Coolant in the tyre chamber helps in reducing the heat generated by the tyre, preventing over-heating and bursts of the tyre.

  • • Monetary savings: One saves a significant amount of money over a period of time due to a long tyre lifespan and replacements so they can enjoy a great driving experience.

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