Best Tyres manufacturers in India

Still looking for bike tyres online India ? End your search with TJ Tyres multi-chambered tyres. The tyre consists of a mixture of sealant, coolant and balancer which benefits the tyre in multiple ways.

TJ Tyres is one of the very few BPPC tyre manufacturers in India. They have their manufacturing units set up in Faridabad and Tripura. The tyre consists of a tube like chamber which is filled with sealant, coolant and balancer. The sealant helps in preventing from punctures. The coolant helps in keeping the tyre cool and prevents from blow-outs. The balancer helps in balancing the tyre’s run-time. The pressure retention for both air and nitrogen filling is about three times greater with the use of technologically advanced materials and structure than with the standard material used for typical tubeless tyres.Google tyre tube shop near me and get the best tyre tube for your scooty and bike tyres.

best tyres manufacturers in india

The top manufacturer, innovator, and market pioneer of BPPC (Burst Proof-Puncture Curative) tyres in Faridabad and Haryana is TJ Tyre. The top organisations and governments in the world, including NASA, the Government of India, Infosys, Airbus, KIIT, Bloomberg, The Economic Times, and others, have recognised and awarded TJ Tyres. With any other tyre, all it takes is a puncture at the wrong time to cause serious harm or even death.

Tj Tyres are different from the normal tyres and have a lot of benefits like:

    • Extra tyre life

    • Extra mileage

    • Pocket friendly

    • Anti-burst

    • Anti-puncture

    • Eco-friendly

TJ Tyres is without a doubt the top BPPC tyre manufacturer in Faridabad and Haryana since they help consumers save money over time while also providing longer tyre life and increased mileage. Google Tyres online India or Scooty tyres near me and you will find TJ Tyres. Visit our website to know more about our amazing tyre technology and its benefits.

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