Best Tyres to Buy in 2022

Recognised by NASA and other major leaders of the world, TJ Tyre is known as the best tyre company in India for its innovative tyre technology. Their BPPC tyre is awarded as the best puncture proof and best burst proof tyre in India. These tyres are specially designed for the Indian Roads.

Your bike's tyres are one of its most crucial parts because they are the single point of contact between you and the road. But it might be challenging to tell a good tyre from a bad one because road bike tyres often have a similar appearance.

World’s first BPPC tyre manufacturers

Your riding experience can be improved by replacing the stock tyres on your bike with superior ones that have more volume, less rolling resistance, higher cornering grip, or simply more puncture protection. This is where TJ Tyres comes in handy with their BPPC tyre which is the best puncture proof & burst proof tyre in India.

The good news is that, in comparison to other bike parts, the best road bike tyres don't have to be extremely expensive. Every tyre on this list is available at a discount and has an RRP of £70 or less per tyre. Although it's not a little sum of money, upgrading your road bike with that part is comparatively inexpensive given how much of an influence it makes on how your bike rides.

The variety of road bike tyres on the market, though, might be a little daunting. The best road bike tyres on the market have been identified by our team of specialist testers, who have logged thousands of miles since the devil really is in the details.

TJ Tyres manufacturing unit is set up in Faridabad and in Tripura. They are the largest BPPC Tyre manufacturers in Faridabad. Their tyres are not only environment friendly but also pocket friendly at the same time. It comes with added benefits of superior grip, extra mileage and air retention which help in giving better performance on road.

TJ Tyres are the best tyres to buy for your scooty or bike. So hurry, and visit your nearest tyre shop and get your hands on TJ Tyres burst proof and puncture proof tyres. Travel worriless anywhere with TJ Tyres BPPC Tyres.

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