Best Winter Tires for Electric Vehicle

TJ Tyres is one of the Best Tyre Company in India which is known for its invention of BPPC Tyre. They have their manufacturing unit set-up in Faridabad & Tripura.

Recognised for their innovative tubeless tyre technology, TJ Tyres tyre can also be used as electric 2-wheelers tyres. We all know that Electric Vehicles is the new vehicle for the new generation & with their tubeless multi-chambered tyre TJ Tyres has given the tyre industry yet another evolution.

Best Winter Tires for Electric Vehicle

For a conventional ICE vehicle, a winter tire's primary function is to offer strong traction in ice and snowy situations. Additionally, tyre noise levels must be reduced to the greatest extent possible, and the tyres must have a respectable lifespan.

"Winter is about more than simply temperatures; your tyres will ultimately need to be able to give performance on those diverse surfaces," said Scott from Michelin. "Snow, slush, ice, and rain". The higher level of traction is what actually sets a winter tyre apart from an all-season tyre in these circumstances.

The same functions must be performed by an EV winter tyre, but under different operating circumstances, even in the same weather. All things being equal, the winter tyre of the EV will need to brake harder, turn more weight, and manage the higher low-end torque of an Electric Vehicle while starting from a stop. The winter tire's noise design is much more crucial because the electric vehicle (EV) lacks an audible, vibrating engine to cover up the noise the tread generates on the road.

Then there is the range problem, which is made worse by the fact that EVs tend to lose range in cold weather for a variety of reasons, including decreased battery capacity, higher heater usage, and a change in rolling resistance during tyre replacements and as the tyres wear, or a combination of all three.

TJ Tyres is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in Faridabad. They are all set to create a greener and better place to live for our future generations. The concept of electric vehicles fitted with TJ Tyres BPPC tyre is the future of tyre industry.

Don't hesitate to select the best EV winter tyre for you and your vehicle. Choose the right electric 2-wheelers tyres, today with TJ Tyres.

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