Still thinking where to get the best tyres for your bikes ? Don’t know which is the best tubeless tyre for bikes ? Don’t worry, TJ Tyres have got it covered for you. TJ Tyres innovative tyre is the solution to all your tyre related problems.

TJ Tyres has invented this amazing tyre technology which has brought a revolution in the tyre industry and it has taken the industry forward. Their tyre consists of a chamber in the inside which has a mixture of sealant, coolant and balancer. The mixture helps the tyre in giving extra mileage and high-performance. It also extends the tyre life by 10-15%, more than the normal tubeless tyre.

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TJ Tyres is known by the world’s renowned leaders in the sector of education, technology and governance, such as NASA, Government of India, The Economic Times, KIIT, Bloomberg, Infosys to name a few. The anti-puncture & anti-burst feature of the tyre helps in uninterrupted journeys. The tyre is specially designed for the Indian Roads. The whole team is committed to giving hassle-free drive and tension-free life to the world with cool products.

TJ Tyres is the best option for people travelling on 2-wheelers. From bikes to scooty to scooters, their range fits it all. Their tyres are also set for E-Rickshaws. TJ Tyres is committed to inventing more and more eco-friendly technologies focusing on safety, convenience, and low carbon footprint to make the world greener and a better living place.

The technology platform of TJ Tyres will save regular spending in buying and maintaining tyre for logistics players and fleet owners with our innovative TAAS model. This platform shall decrease the pain & ownership cost of the fleet by saving on fuel and insurance, apart from tyres. As it envisages touch-less transactions, it will increase safety from Corona Virus and maintain social distancing. We're also working on AI & Blockchain in our Tech platform to make it super-efficient & reliable.

Go checkout TJ Tyres website to know more about their innovative technology and to buy their tyres online. You can also get TJ Tyres tubeless tyres for your bike in the tyre shop near you.

Visit your nearest bike tyre shop to get your hands on the best BPPC tyres for your bikes, scooty, scooters.

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