Best e-rickshaw tyres in India

India is a vibrant country with even more vibrant ways to travel between one place to another and what instantly comes to mind is the e-rickshaw- a 3-wheeled light vehicle with capacity of up to 5 passengers in its rear carriage.TJ Tyres,without doubt the best e-rickshaw tyre manufacturer in India with a wide range of benefits for e-rickshaw drivers and fleet owners. In today’s time, we see an astounding increase in population with majority of the population unable to afford their own personal 2-wheeler. So they choose to travel short distances using a shuttle-like on-road service known as e-rickshaw. However, many time e-rickshaws are also hired to ferry heavy luggage beyond the weight-bearing capacity of the vehicle. Due to this fact, many times the luggage as well as the people travelling in the e-rickshaw areat a greater risk of injuries due to unexpected tyre punctures and tyre bursts.

TJ Tyres is often known as world’s very first BPPC tyre manufacturer while achieving the position of the very best e-rickshaw tyre company in India aims to make every Indian travelling in ane-rickshaw safe from tyre-related incidents.

Best e-rickshaw tyres in India

With TJ Tyre’s unique and innovative three-chamber technology with coolants, sealants and balancers making therisk of on-road incidents due to tyre-related events nigh-improbable. The tyre-safe coolants, sealants and balancers inside the three tyre chambers significantly mitigates anyrisksof bursts & punctures by auto-healing punctures that an e-rickshaw driver may experience while driving on an unmaintained road- making the experience of passenger safer without air loss when tyre walls are suddenly punctured.

TJ Tyres is the number1 e-rickshaw tyre company in India, an incredible pioneer & leader in BPPC (Burst Proof-Puncture Curative) i.e. anti-burst and anti-puncture tyre technology in India & the world. TJ Tyres has completely left the world-renowned & world leaders in technology, education and governance such as NASA, Government of India, Infosys, Airbus, KIIT, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more in completely awe at TJ Tyre’s innovation- making TJ Tyres the number1 e-rickshaw tyre company in India.

With other e-rickshaw tyre companies, you can never be sure of your safety as there’s a chance of an injury-causing or even deadly accident caused by an unexpected tyre-burst due to the poor quality of other commercial-grade tyres. However,TJ Tyres 3 layers of safety, namely-balancers, coolants and sealants will self-heal any punctures automatically that anyone may face during a drive while they enjoy a safer & more economical way to travel in an e-rickshaw.

What makes TJ Tyres the number1 e-rickshaw tyre company in India? Using TJ Tyres has many great benefits for your wallet, safety & the environment:

  • Longer Tyre Life:  TJ Tyres safeguard sits integrity for a very long duration of time by self-sealing punctures when we compare it to other e-rickshaw tyre manufacturers in India, thereby elongating the tyre lifespan by a significant time frame.
  • Monetary savings:    Save a significant amount of money over a period of time because of longer tyre life spans and less replacements so you enjoy a great driving experience without ‘bursting’ a big hole in your wallet.
  • Extra Mileage:   Known as the number1 e-rickshaw tyre company as well as the best BPPC tyre manufacturer and innovator in India, TJ Tyres fortifies its tyres with extended mileage and improves it further with a smooth drive on every tyre because ofless tyre damage due to punctures, bursts and tears.

TJ Tyres is undoubtedly the best e-rickshaw tyre company in India due to hefty savings over a period of time as well as provide extended tyre life spans & extended mileages for each of their tyres. TJ Tyres is recognized and praised by the world's technology, education & governance leaders such as NASA, Infosys, Government of India, Airbus, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more.

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