How much Air Pressure in Scooty Tyres

TJ Tyres is known as the best tyre company in India for its invention of BPPC tyre. TJ Tyres is recognised by NASA for their multi-chambered tubeless tyre technology. It is an anti-puncture & burst proof tyre, designed especially for the challenging Indian Roads.

You should be aware of the required tyre size for your scooter type if you own one and intend to replace your worn-out tyres with new ones. To achieve the maximum performance on the road and lengthen the life of the tyres, you need also be aware of how much tyre pressure you should keep in the tyres.

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Here are some pointers to help you maintain the proper tyre pressure on your scooter and have a trouble-free ride. See how to easily check, maintain, and examine the tyre pressure on your vehicle.

Inspect the tyre pressure: First, make sure the tyres are properly inflated and inspect for any punctures, which may be easily caused by any sharp or small object, such as a piece of glass or a nail. No bulges or cracks should exist because they may cause the tyre to lose air pressure. Moving the tyre back and forth will allow you to examine the entire surface.

Checking the tyre pressure: Check the air pressure in your two-tires wheeler's next, as this will directly affect how comfortable and safe your trip is. If the tyres are underinflated, they will rapidly begin to wear down. Therefore, it is essential to frequently check the tyre pressure on your two-wheeled vehicle.

When the tyre pressure on your bike is cool, you should check it. Both the pressure and density will change if the tyres are heated. The appropriate PSI levels can be found in your vehicle's owner's manual. If you have the equipment, you can examine it yourself or have it checked at any gas station

Add Air Pressure to Tyres when needed: After inspecting the tyres, pressurise them to the recommended PSI level. Make sure they are not inflated excessively. You can deflate them to restore them to their usual level if they are overinflated. Take it for a drive to determine whether or not they are functioning properly after a few hours. If you experience increased pressure or

notice that the tyres are excessively stiff, you should stop driving and remove any loads from your scooter or bike.

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