Road safety is one of the top civil concerns in India. Many times due to sudden punctures & tyre bursts, vehicles (especially 2-wheelers) tend to lose control & it leads to injuries & even death.

To counter this major problem, Tychee Juno (TJ) Tyres was created. Based on paradigm-shifting innovation & technology-driven problem solving, TJ Tyres created a safe way to drive on puncture-prone roads. With R&D centres in India & the United States of America, they have created a tyre with the best-in-class BPPC tyre technology that's less harmful & more economical than tubed or even tubeless tyres.

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TJ Tyres while being born to solve road safety & unexpected tyre problems- it has also inculcated the vision to create an intrinsic ecosystem fuelled by mobility, logistics, low fail rates & decreased carbon footprint to ensure the long-term viability of life on our planet. Additionally, TJ Tyres is constantly developing top-of-the-line auxiliary products as well as cutting-edge technology to ensure further adaptability and compatibility by their customer base in the automobile & allied industries.

They offer many unique features that are simply too good to resist.
With its 'Anti-Puncture' capabilities, the 'chem-fluid mixture' inside TJ Tyres auto-heals & seals any punctures a rider may encounter while on the road to ensure a smooth & hassle-free drive.
While offering the global benefit of being eco-friendly, TJ Tyres additionally offer a 15% longer tyre life which decreases tyre replacements by up to 25%- saving the rider money over time.

Due to being India's premier BPPC tyre company, TJ Tyre rightfully boasts of extra mileage on each tyre due to high tyre air retention on every ride. TJ Tyre's puncture-curative properties extends mileage by a significant amount.
In severe weather events such as heatwaves& peak summers, a lot of tyres suffer burst as well as corrosive damage due to the heat. With TJ Tyre's anti-burst properties & coolant being present inside the tyre, all localised over-heating is prevented.
TJ Tyre proudly provides TAAS (Tyre as a Service) to fleet aggregators or logistic firms that save organisations a significant amount of time & money on travel & load bearing.
We as well as our customers can proudly say that TJ Tyres makes travelling the most economical & safe in the BPPC Tyre sector.

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