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Faridabad is known as one of the primary hubs for industrial & transport products- one of the main ones being 2-wheelers as well as their tyres in Haryana.TJ Tyres is undoubtedly the best tyre manufacturer in Faridabad catering to all 2-wheelers from bikes to scooter to scootys. With youngsters of Haryana and Faridabad having to drive on a daily basis for studies, classes & jobs as well as other reasons such as spending time and socialising with their friends, classmates & colleagues- the on-road usage for scooters &scooty’s have increased significantly while the risk of tyre-related incidents have seen a steady increase without TJ Tyres to support their on-road driving experience.
TJ Tyres, often termed as world’s first BPPC tyres manufacturer while also being the best tyre manufacturer in Faridabad & Haryana has aimed to innovate how Indian 2-wheelers can drive safely on the road. TJ Tyres prides itself on its unique and innovative 3-chamber tyre technology with fluid compartments of coolants, sealants and balancers used to reduce risks of on-road incidents due to tyre-related events. These sealants, coolants and balancers inside the tyres significantly reduces any risk for tyre bursts and punctures by auto-sealing any punctures due to the properties of this innovative tyre- improving your driving experience without air loss when tyrewalls are punctured or pierced.

tyre manufacturers in Faridabad

TJ Tyre's is the best manufacturer, innovator & leader in BPPC (Burst Proof-Puncture Curative) tyre technology in Faridabad and Haryana. TJ Tyres is acknowledged and rewarded by the world-renowned & world leaders in technology, education and governance such as NASA, Government of India, Infosys, Airbus, KIIT, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more. With any other tyre, it only takes a puncture at a bad time for a terrible injury or even death. But whenwe consider TJ Tyres, the tyres internal mechanism of balancers, coolants and sealants will autonomously self-seal any punctures that any driver may encounter on-road- while they enjoy a smooth, safe& economic drive.

What makes TJ Tyres the best BPPC tyres manufacturer in Faridabad? Using TJ Tyres has numerous advantages for your pocket, life & the environment:

  • Longer Tyre Life:    TJ Tyres are able to protect its structural integrity for a very long duration of time when compared to other tyre manufacturers in Faridabad and Haryana, extending the tyre lifespan by a significant amount.

  • Monetary savings:   Replacements or repairs are reduced significantly due to a long tyre lifespan so you enjoy a great driving experience while saving your wallet over a period of time.

  • Extra Mileage:    Hailed as the best BPPC tyre manufacturer and innovator in Faridabad and Haryana, TJ Tyres benefits us through its extended mileage and a smooth drive on every tyre because of less tyre damage due to punctures, bursts and tears.

TJ Tyres is undoubtedly the best BPPC tyre manufacturer in Faridabad and Haryana as they enable money savings over a period of time as well as offer longer tyre life & extended mileage for their customers. TJ Tyres are recognized, lauded and acknowledged by the world's technology, education & governance leaders such as NASA, Infosys, Government of India, Airbus, Bloomberg, The Economic Times and more.

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