World’s first BPPC tyre manufacturers

By becoming the first BPPC tyre manufacturers in India, TJ Tyres has made a significant contribution to the globe. TJ Tyres' mission is to provide 2-wheeler drivers with strong on-road safety against tyre-related mishaps including bursts and punctures. Their puncture proof & burst proof tyre has taken the tyre technology innovation generations ahead.

TJ Tyres is world’s first Indian company to produce BPPC (burst-proof puncture curative) tyres. Their tyre technology with many trade secrets is a Multi-chambered Tubeless tyre with sealant, coolant and balancer inside it, to take care of the punctures and prevent blow-outs.

World’s first BPPC tyre manufacturers

The coolant in the chamber maintains the tyre's ideal temperature and prevents localised overheating, making the tyre burst-proof. The sealant automatically heals the tyre while also sealing the puncture. In the run-time, the balancer inside the chamber balances the tyres. The pressure retention for both air and nitrogen filling is about three times greater with the use of technologically advanced materials and structure than with the standard material used for typical tubeless tyres.

The following advantages are provided to TJ Tyres customers by the technology built into the tyres.

  • • Anti-Puncture
  • • Anti-Burst
  • • Extra Life
  • • Extra air retention
  • • Extra mileage for the vehicle

Unquestionably, TJ Tyres is the top tyre manufacturers in India. They were among the world's innovators in BPPC (Burst Proof-Puncture Curative) or anti-puncture and burst proof tyre technology. Leaders in technology, education, and government from around the world, including NASA, the Government of India, Infosys, Airbus, KIIT, Bloomberg, The Economic Times, and others, have expressed their admiration for TJ Tyres. TJ Tyres is the top tyre producer in India thanks to its innovation-focused strategy.

There is always a potential of an injury-causing or even fatal accident brought on by an unexpected tyre-burst or puncture as a result of the inferior quality of other tyre manufacturers, therefore you can never be too sure of the tyre's safety on the road with other tyre manufacturers in India. However, TJ Tyres' three layers of on-road safety-balancers, coolants, and sealants will instantly and automatically seal any punctures making it burst-proof while you're driving.

All types of automobiles, including buses, E-Rickshaws, cars, and motorcycles, can utilise our technology. We provide an RFT at a tubeless tyre price.Due to significant cost savings from fewer tyre replacements or disposals, as well as longer tyre lifespans and greater mileage for each of their tyres, TJ Tyres is without a doubt the top tyre manufacturers in India.

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